Friday, March 01, 2013

Week #8 - Ready, Set, Goal!

As we wrap up February, it's time to reflect on the month. Our routine was "know how you'll be active tomorrow." And early in the month, I asked the group to consider whether or not you are as active as you would like.

If the answer to that question was (and still is) "NO" then it's time to start thinking about how to make activity more of a routine. Knowing the day before how you can get active can help, but looking even longer-term can also help.

As many of you know, I ran a marathon in January. To do that, I had a training plan laid out - there was no way that I could have just gone out and run that far without working up to it, right?!? Having that event as a long-term goal helped me stick to the day-in, day-out activity that I needed to do to get there. I knew there were consequences if I stayed in bed and bailed on my progressive training plan. I know for sure that my activity patterns would have been different had I not had a goal to focus on. (Thanksgiving weekend, while out of town, I ran 14 miles in an area I wasn't too familiar with - I can tell you with 100% certainty that if I hadn't have signed up for a race there is NO WAY I would have done that. I might have taken a jog through the neighborhood, but that's it!)

Setting an activity goal doesn't have to be something like signing up for a marathon or half-marathon like some folks in the meeting room have done. It can be anything! It can be any sport. It can be any hobby. It could be an event (triathlon, 5K, climbing a particular mountain) or it could be some sort of performance goal (lifting a certain number of pounds, swimming a particular amount of laps, doing 100 pushups). As long as the goal means something to YOU, it's good!

Setting a goal is maybe not something that 100% of you will want to do. One of the best things I've done during my weight loss/maintenance process is come to terms with what makes me tick. If you are a person who is not motivated by a goal like this, no big deal! You likely have other ways to motivate yourself. But one thing to consider: if goals haven't worked for you in the past, make sure it wasn't just because you set them too aggressively. Make them SMART and my "R" in there is Realistic! Maybe all that stands between you and a goal is setting a goal that isn't too ambitious!


Kim said...

Love your goal setting (and achieving!).

Kim said...

Great job setting (and achieving) your goals!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great post! And good point that a lot of people who have had trouble with goals before have set them too aggressively. Better to aim for something realistic and build success than set sights too high and feel discouraged!