Friday, December 07, 2012

Week #49 - WW 360 Launch & Pack a Snack

This week marked the launch of our latest program innovation: Weight Watchers 360!

So what's new? Anything related to the PointsPlus system? Nope, that's all the same. Values are the same, targets are the same, Good Health Guidelines are the same, Simply Filling Technique is the same.

Um, so what's the big deal?

The PointsPlus food plan is a good one. It nudges you to make healthy, satisfying food choices. And many times do you end up making a choice that is by no means healthy, or physically satisfying? How many times do you give in to temptation and feel like you have no willpower?

One does not lose (or maintain) by willpower alone. Our brains are wired to desire and respond to high-fat, high-calorie foods, so it's no surprise that we can "fall off the wagon" so to speak.

The innovation in this year's program is that it's not just about the food choices. it's about making the spaces you live in more manageable. Safer, and more plan-friendly. And it's about building routines - healthy things you do without even really thinking about them, because it's just what you do. These mental tips and strategies help make the dangerous food environment we live in a little bit easier to navigate. And when we don't repeatedly test our willpower, we find out that it doesn't fail us as much!

As with any new program innovation that Weight Watchers presents, there are some new products available for purchase. One product is our Member Kit. We've had a kit for years, and it's always been some form of long-term tracker and food value listings. This year the member kit is WAY different, and it's good for the newbie or the veteran.

So what's in it:

Track (our new 12 week tracker - it's bigger, and allows for more planning ahead)
Silicone collapsible measuring cups
Flexible measuring tape (to track your inches lost!)
Jennifer Cohen exercise sampler DVD
PointsPlus values stickers (label those packages!)
Success Handbook (written by Liz, Jennifer Hudson's leader)
What to Eat Now (pictured below)

What to Eat Now is more than just a cookbook. There are meal ideas, snack ideas and a list to help you stock your pantry with good for you options. See those pink post-it flags? I've already earmarked several recipes, and will be trying out two of them this weekend!

The member kit basically gives you the tools you need to manage your spaces (portion control, at home/no excuses workouts, meal ideas). Buy one this month and save five bucks - only $34.95!

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Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More said...

Love the new kit. The Success Journal is so awesome!